Forearm, Wrist and Hand Pain

The hand is formed of multiple small bones making joints with numerous muscle and tendon attachments to it and is designed for doing precise and powerful dexterity. Often, the problem arises due to repeated use of hand function without the right precautions.

The most common causes of hand pain are;

  • Trigger finger(s)/thumb
    Trigger finger(s)/thumb is a condition which presents out of the blue with painful locking of finger(s)/thumb; the reason for the condition is still unknown. Often, it is most common amongst people with hand arthritis.

  • Tendinopathy (known as "tendonitis")
    Tendinopathy is another common problem which leads to have pain and reduced hand function particularly with gripping and fine activities such as opening jars, milk cans. This is a condition which predominantly affects women.

  • Osteoarthritis of base of thumb
    Arthritis is very common with increasing age. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the UK affecting up to 8.5 million people. It is common in adult women in their late 40's onwards than men. It is caused by multiple reasons such as our genetical inheritance, history of trauma, lifestyle factors and more importantly our body conditioning. Although it affects mostly the large joints such as hips, knees and shoulders, it may influence small joints such as base of thumb and big toe.

    The term arthritis can give a frightening experience and many people think arthritis is a death sentence. There is evidence to say arthritis is present in people without pain. This means that there should be more symptoms to pain (such as restricted mobility and stiffness in the joint, swelling and weak muscles around the joint) with arthritis than what you see on an x-ray or scan.

    Our role at Relive Physiotherapy is to establish the level of pain and disability from the painful joints. In most cases, we can set up a treatment programme that allows you to return back to activities and helps you to regain the control on your problem. The evidence supports the inclusion of lifestyle management and strength conditioning can have a strong impact on reducing the pain and disability.

    If your arthritis is too severe and disabling enough to use the physiotherapy service, our physiotherapists can prepare you for the best outcome from the surgery by providing you with targeted physiotherapy treatment programme both before and after your surgery.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most common in women. There are various reasons which can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome such as post-menopausal phase, previous history of trauma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, gross swelling of the arm after breast cancer surgery and in some case during pregnancy.

    The symptoms range from pins and needles in the hand(s) to altered sensation and poor hand muscle strength, which could have a significant impact on daily activities.

    At Relive Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists use their skill to examine and assess the level of problem due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, establishing a treatment plan which will reduce the severity of the issue. Where the symptoms are too severe for physiotherapy, acupuncture and or corticosteroid injection, our physiotherapists can direct you to your GP to access Orthopaedic Surgeons for surgical repair.

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