Neck Pain

Neck Pain is a very common issue which can be caused by many different reasons. Some of the causes are trauma or injury (Whiplash), sleeping in an awkward position, stress and or prolonged use of computers. In many cases, it could be the combination of the above mentioned causes.

Neck pain can be presented not only the pain in the neck area also radiate down to your arm to your fingers. It may present itself through tension in the neck muscles and sometime with headaches. Sometimes, these presentations are driven by abnormal neck postures or having difficulty to move the neck. In rare cases, the neck pain can be presented with weakness or altered sensation in one or both arms and hands.

Most injuries are not serious and the pain will improve. The recovery depends on what you do in the early stages after your injury.

At Relive Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are very skilled in diagnosing the cause of the problem and evidence based early treatment methods to suit your needs and help you recover faster.